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The main business of Bide Chemical is the R&D, production and sales of high-tech, efficient and low residue agrochemicals, TPU related new materials and their intermediates. With more than 500 employees working in 1 headquarter, 2 manufacturing sites and 1 Imp & Exp Co, Bide Chemical has grown up to be one of the leading high-tech chemical enterprise under full management according to ISO9001, 14001 and EPR system, especially in the field of halogenations & pyridine herbicides, new nicotinic insecticide and TPU related material.

As one of very few manufactures in China who masters the core technology of halogenations & pyridine compounds, we’ve developed and put into commercial production of Clopyralid, Picloram, Fluroxypyr and Triclopyr BEE since 2007. We are also one of the first manufactures in China who developed and registered new nicorinic insecticides including Thiamethoxam, Clothianidin and Thiacloprid. So far we’ve got up to 30 ICAMA, GLP data for most of the products, registered and registering our products in more than 1 countries including US, Brazile and EU.

Since 2001, we’ve been working on some special material and their intermediates including TPU related new material, flame retardant and plasticiser. So far we’ve became the most competitive supplier on NDI in China, the only one who uses solid phosgene as raw material and the only one who starts from naphthalene.

We are dedicated to manufacturing and custom manufacturing services of certain molecules like heterocycles, amides, Chlorides and fluorides, which we are quite specialized on. We are committed to supporting you according to national and international regulations and the principles of sustainable development.

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